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We will lead the nonwoven fabric industry based on the experiences accumulated for several decades.

Accumulation of technical development

  • 1999.04 Established Sangwoo Textile
  • 2006.09 Enlarged the factory of non-woven fabric
  • 2007.05 Mass production of heat-reflecting sheet for building interior materials
  • 2008.05 Selected as a promising export SME

Jump to industrial material

  • 2010.01 Changed company name to Sangwoo Hitech
  • 2012.03 Selected as a management innovation SME
  • 2014.05 Acquired a patent for thermoforming manufacturing
  • 2015.07 Started to manufacture the automotive support pattern
  • 2015.08 Introduced the chemical bonding line
  • 2017.10 Introduced LPDE adhesive cooling equipment
  • 2018.11 Moved to Gyeongsan Jinryang 2nd industrial complex
  • 2019.04 Introduced Factory Automatic System (MES)
  • 2020.02 Established a dedicated R&D department