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Sangwoo HiTek produces stable products that fit the diversity of the nonwoven market.
Non-woven fabrics are used as basic materials in various industrial fields,
and our company specializes in producing high-quality and high-performance non-woven fabrics based on safe raw materials.

CEO Greeting

Thank you very much for visiting the website of Sangwoo Hitech.
Since starting the non-woven fabric business for weedkilling and civil engineering in 1999, we have been supplying non-woven fabrics
as noise absorption and insulation materials to automobiles and functional materials for overall industries.
We are growing into a differentiated company that satisfies customer needs by developing innovative technologies
and stabilizing quality coping with the ever-changing trend of the times.
We will be reborn as an ethical company based on our business philosophy of producing the best products
with the best technology and quality without being satisfied with the growth and development so far.